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ZAMCOM Governance

The functions of ZAMCOM include the following:
(a) To promote, support, coordinate and harmonise the management and development of the water resources of the Zambezi Watercourse;
(b) To collect, evaluate and disseminate all data and information on the Zambezi Watercourse as may be necessary for the implementation of the Agreement;
(c) To advise Member States on measures necessary for the avoidance of disputes among Member States with regard to planning, management, utilisation, development, protection and conservation of the Zambezi Watercourse; and
(d) To foster greater awareness among the inhabitants of the Zambezi Watercourse regarding the equitable and reasonable utilisation and efficient management and sustainable development of the resources of the Zambezi Watercourse.


ZAMCOM has three main organs:
i) The Council of Ministers (CoM) which is the highest decision making body. The Council of Ministers adopts policies and decisions and provides other necessary guidance. ZAMCOM Council of Ministers meet once annually in an ordinary session and may meet in extraordinary session at the request of any Member State.
ii) The Technical Committee (ZAMTEC) which is a technical / advisory body. ZAMTEC is responsible for the implementation of policies and decisions of Council through the ZAMCOM Secretariat;
iii) The Secretariat (ZAMSEC) which is responsible for the provision of technical and administrative services to the Council under the supervision of ZAMTEC.


The organisational structure is depicted in the organogram below:

ZAMCOM Governance