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PIDACC Zambezi is an investment initiative being developed by ZAMCOM to increase climate smart resilience through addressing the various challenges that impact on livelihoods and development in the Zambezi watercourse.

The Zambezi Watercourse Commission is a major river basin in Africa established in 2014

Stakeholder participation in ZAMCOM is critical in order to ensure ownership and legitimacy of outputs, products and outcomes in the context of sustainable cooperation. Therefore, it is important that processes are based on a sound, consultative approach that continuously builds trust and confidence among stakeholders. Consultation with and participation of governmental, non-governmental and civil society organisations linked to water and related resources management and development in the basin are at the heart of the overall approach.

Zambezi Water Resources Information System (ZAMWIS) is an interactive, web-based data and information portal for the Zambezi Watercourse Commission (ZAMCOM) based on contemporary and historical spatial data, hydrological time series,earth observation information and other related information..

As demand for water, energy and food increases due to population growth and rising standards of living, so will the challenges and interconnectedness between and among the various sectors.Improved and better coordinated management and development of water resources will therefore become an imperative rather than an option. The plan will lay a firm foundation for more systematic, cooperative and tangible actions aimed at addressing the emerging socio-economic challenges in the basin and the region in an efficient and sustainable manner…