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Fact Sheets

This publication seeks to raise awareness among decision-makers on the need to have in place basin-wide measures addressing climate resilience as the basis for coordinated activities within the Zambezi Watercourse.

This fact sheet presents a profile of the current and projected climate conditions of the Zambezi River Basin, the related risks and state of preparedness. It includes information on temprature, precipitation and extreme climate events(floods, droughts, wet and dry spells).

Concerns have been raised on the recent occurences of higher magnitude earthquakes in the Zambezi River basin has raised concerns, as well as the related potential devastation to socio-economic systems and livelihihoods that could result.

Water, energy and food are essential for human well-being. Management of water, generation of energy and production of food are closely linked. In the Zambezi River Basin, these sectors often fall under separate ministries and departments, yet the use or management of one of these resources can impact on the other.