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Strategy Documents

The objective in preparing the Strategic Plan for the Zambezi Watercourse is therefore to prepare an evidence-based, scientifically and technically sound Plan based on extensive hydro-economic modelling and drawing on an existing body of previous studies, which has been widely consulted upon with stakeholders throughout the Watercourse.

The strategy seeks to enhance ZAMCOM’s communication and visibility by ensuring that in communicating its mission, vision, and objectives -- in line with its guiding principles and the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats identified – knowledge, awareness and action extend to, and encourage feedback and input from all stakeholders, including the general public.

This report provides a summary of the series of reports and documents prepared to assess the water resources development options and benefits of cooperation among the riparian countries in the Zambezi River Basin.

The Integrated Water Resources Management Strategy and Implementation Plan for the Zambezi River Basin was adopted by the Riparian States as the main strategic reference document.  It defines a set of medium to long term measures in support of integrated water resources management and development within the basin.  These measures address main issues and challenges for the development and management of the water resources of the Zambezi Basin for the socio-economic development of the Basin in particular and the region as a whole.